Lost Again
(We still use crayons)
The FanficMaker - Many of us fancy ourselves as great writers. This is not for that. The fanficmaker generates a hilariously bad story based on your input. This project was coded in Java, GWT and CSS3. [2014-15]
Can you unveil the mysteries of Thorn and find the treasure? Game of Thorn is an educational game created for the Thorn Museum for 8-11 year olds. The game's plot is based around Thorn's history. [2015]
The Java Adventure Machine (JAM) is our custom game engine for internet browsers. At this moment, we're also working on an implementation for libGDX, an open source 3d-engine. You find find the source code here. [2014-2018]
Made with our JAM engine, Meryll Wants A Cookie is a game where you have to help a 5 year old girl get to some cookies. Meryll Wants a Cookie was nominated for the A Maze Awards 2018. [2018]
Lost Again is a collaboration between Thomas Wrobel and Bertine van Hövell. We also write about Augmented Reality and our upcoming game's science fiction setting, Aequilibria.
Super Simple Semantics is an open source semantics engine written in Java. Its goals is to make it possible for everyone to host semantics data and make it easily implementable. [2011-15]
Can you prevent public disasters and riots breaking out or do you walk straight into the same traps as all other organisers? The Burgemeesterspel gives you the chance to test your mayor-capabilities. [2011]
You wake up in a forest and you can't quite remember how you got there, nor what happened to you. A Memorable Day awaits you. [2010]
ARWave is a proposed standard for hosting geolocated data on Wave, for the purpose of having an open shared Augmented Reality system.[2011]
The CuypersCode, an educational game co-created with Res nova. We handeled the Flash-codeing, many of the puzzles and dialogues and the 3d artwork. [2006]
The CuypersCode 2, a sequel co-designed game with Res nova. After the CC1 we decided to build a complete ARG game engine. We also designed a few of the puzzles and some 3d artwork. [2009]
Rateoholic, the site for reviews on absolutely anything. With Rateoholic, people can correlate their tastes to others, thus allowing people to find new stuff they might like.[2006]
The Panelstreamer is a new experimental way of laying out comics and other data. The idea is based around a proposal by Scott McCloud. [2010]
Our rather Random Review Show. We take a lighthearted look at just about everything, such as Energy Drinks, Third Episodes & The Singularity.[2012-14]
A personal project made as a tribute to science fiction TV and film. Contains around 35 clips edited to provided consistant themistic flow, while matching music provided by Techscaper.