Lost Again
(We still use crayons)
A personal project made as a tribute to science fiction TV and film. Contains around 35 clips edited to provided consistant themistic flow, while matching music provided by Techscaper.
ARWave is a proposed standard for hosting geolocated data on Wave, for the purpose of having an open shared Augmented Reality system.
The CuypersCode, an educational game co-created with Res nova. We handeled the Flash-codeing, many of the puzzles and dialogues and the 3d artwork.
The CuypersCode 2, a sequel co-designed game with Res nova. After the CC1 we decided to build a complete ARG game engine. We also designed a few of the puzzles and some 3d artwork.
Rateoholic, the site for reviews on absolutely anything. With Rateoholic, people can correlate their tastes to others, thus allowing people to find new stuff they might like. A revamp of the site will be online soon.
We can create various types of still and animated 3d-artwork, in particular 3d-interiors and -exteriors of buildings
If needed, we are able to vectorise maps.
The panelstreamer is a new experimental way of laying out comics and other data. The idea is based around a proposal by Scott McCloud. Right now we are still working on it.
We created a Javascript engine for ARG-like adventures.It supports nonlinear storytelling, inventory management and a wide range of puzzle possibilities. In the future we hope to add support for location based games.
Weet jij wel de ramp bij Duisburg of de rellen van Hoek van Holland te voorkomen of trap je in dezelfde valkuilen? Het Burgemeesterspel geeft je de kans om je eigen burgemeestervaardigheden te testen.
Our rather random review show. We take a lighthearted look at just about everything.
The FanficMaker - Many of us fancy ourselves as great writers. This is not for that. The fanficmaker generates a hilariously bad story based on your input. This project was coded in Java, GWT and CSS3